Real Estate

Buying or selling a residential or commercial property is an exciting, but often stressful, experience —because every real estate transaction involves understanding and managing complex financial agreements. At Jerlegal, our goal is to guide you through your real estate transaction in as smooth and risk-free a manner as possible, while making sure that you comply with all applicable regulations and avoid the pitfall of potential legal complications.

To achieve the goal of a quick and efficient transaction, we offer you the professional expertise of highly skilled and experienced real estate transaction attorneys, who know how to navigate through the intricacies of the process and make sure that you achieve a successful outcome.

Sophisticated Real Estate Advice For Complex Real Estate Matters

Real estate is at the heart of Jerlegal’s practice. We will provide you with sound, practical legal assistance — to help you close all kinds of real estate transactions without costly and time-consuming entanglements.

Our capabilities extend to the following aspects of a real estate transaction:

  • Due diligence for commercial and residential acquisitions
  • Consulting and advisory services
  • Real estate contract review, negotiation, and preparation
  • Commercial tenant lease review, negotiation, and preparation
  • Promissory note, mortgage, and deed of trust review and preparation
  • Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act — TOPA issues
  • Condo doc review and condo management Condominium instrument drafting and amendments
  • Condominium governance and registration
  • Commercial landlord and tenant representation
  • Commission disputes and easement agreements
  • Tax lien investing and portfolio management
  • Zoning appeals
  • Private placement memoranda
  • Real estate partnership and joint venture agreements

You can depend on Jerlegal to provide expert legal advice and representation at each stage of the transaction, from due diligence to acquisition and disposition. As a result, you can enjoy a sense of confidence, knowing that an experienced real estate transaction lawyer is working on your behalf — to protect your interests and maximize the value of your investment.

We provide legal services for all kinds of real estate transactions in Washington, Maryland, and New York. To learn more, feel free to call us at 202-888-7212.

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